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February 2012: The verbal snapshots on Extra Curricular Sav will continue to serve in place of changing this website. I think 2012 is going to be a great year for SaveLove Music, a big step in the promise of a more expansive presence for years to come. This year's campaign theme is "Economic health is emotional health."

January 2007 update: Greetings, it’s me, John Savlove, still appearing to make great progress in the art of not being seen – while also laying foundation behind the scenes towards making the vital product. These web-site pages, a few years old, still suffice as an on-line intro to the Sav frame-work. The epic “Better Tomorrow” track’s been long since made. Also The Visionary’s Almanac with Stephen Alcorn. Plus plenty of other musical, literary, and oral contributions, including interviews, performances, healings, and assorted feats. No downloads here because the best way to serve my audience is through as yet uncreated product. But should your interest in SaveLove Music extend to sending a mailing address, free new songs can be yours.

To update briefly on my vision of SaveLove, the production: The sub-text of what music actually is has taken on a complex dimension. Good music for audiences should hold mystery, and mine offers that guarantee as it springs from a body of developed Inner Music, including telepathy, that captivates my attention but cannot be heard through the usual channels. Near the beginning I wrote “Psychic Sex” and others in that vein, never imagining it could be this intense, enacted beyond the poetic fancy. Now I’m thinking about why all this (hard-to-express stuff, even for me) may serve only as background or how these leaps of consciousness might pervade the work. I do see the mass-market product painted with a much broader stroke. ESP, Tantric love making, and politics too – such things would be implicit, but the main thing is to exude a love that everyone can understand. The other elegant principle at work here is that the selling of the product and a campaign to renew love are one in the same thing. If I have a record with major distribution to promote, it follows that everything I do behind it helps promote the ideas as well. (And in media settings there is much to be byted long before the talk even comes close to anusara yoga or transmutational pearls!) Other most-favored titles from a beloved 2006 include “Woman of a Thousand Dreams” and “I Wish Music Could Say It”. There’s a true heart namesake song too, “Save Love”, which I’ve been harboring adoringly. Meanwhile, the space in North Bennington is just one big dance floor now, so come on up.

We return you now to the web-site as it's been.

SaveLove Music is dedicated to the pleasures of truth and freedom. This sound seeks to be part of a larger entertainment medium, a voice of wisdom and laughter reaching an audience that positively hungers for this connection.

I know it exists. I know it from the response to intimate solo appearances. I know it from the lack of anything like this sensibility in the mainstream, just when people are yearning for singers who can update the movement of love consciousness across this land. I know it because the strange admixture of ingredients that has created SaveLove Music thus far - the years spent writing the songs, creating the voice, and testing the sexy with the sacred in the long, amazing process towards feeling truly alive - shows me that this is so.

There is no sound file on this web-site. There is no point to a sound-file at this time. Both the enormity of the project and the nature of the Information Age make simply the idea of me a prerequisite for collaboration. And collaboration is what will make or break this project. Yes, I own a catalogue of hundreds of songs that could make a tangible contribution to American popular song, but what is really for sale here is a salve for the American tragedy. I offer a serious American humor, a personality that needs to be heard and seen in the wake of events since the year 2000. If the written and visual components on these pages are enough to inspire your interest, the latest work can be made available to you easily.

Savlove CD Genital Soul






John Savlove
North Bennington, Vermont 05257
(802) 442- 2671

You may click to purchase an early collection of piano/vocal takes packaged as the CD Genital Soul. A lot of people - some of them even famous depending on which musical circles you follow - agree that these 19 songs need hearing, and that the piano playing is quite lyrical as well. But that is as far as it goes (the "Buddha" cut notwithstanding, a funny reggae-rap demo featuring guitarist Anthony Wilson and drummer Bill Dobrow that was a hit on New England regional radio). There can be no authentically commercial product without commercial production. This is still the prevailing circumstance for SaveLove Music as of April 2003: that the price paid for developing something unique on one's own should entail such solitude. Yes, there have been grants, performances, session work, and great emotional hilarity, but the keys to packaging this information are still missing. This Wealth of Seclusion phase must end. The next, more expansive stage can only be realized with input by wealth of the more usual kind. With some money behind the personality to invest in other musicians, dancers, singers, videographers, and designers, a cultural impression surely will be made. The scale of it is not as important as the substance. The substance includes nothing less than a character who can reach way back into the poet-soul of American rock and roll while at the same time reaching forward into what is truly promising about the new world ahead.

. The short manifesto and the lengthy but fun business proposal are left over from my earlier, much wordier site. The twelve song lyrics are the heart of the matter. Pulled from over 300 in my collection, they were selected for readability and pertinence. Along with some lighter rhymes about a cat and modern romance, you will find coherent strategies for higher living - words about gender politics, tender emotions, and Taoist love making. This is just an introduction. Other venues do address these topics - for example, books that to their extent delve into the much-ignored ecstasies and implications of a Tantric relationship - but their presentation as musical entertainment is unique. My writing includes reviews, breathwork diaries, and other verse forms, but music's healing is more directly visceral than that of literature. For people who like my prose, the notes section concludes with some remarks on fame's diminishing curve.

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