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Better Tomorrow


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Better Tomorrow

You can ride the Internet without concern, without regret, there’s nothing like

A little time to borrow

‘Cos Mom and Dad won’t show their face, they left you to this empty place

They got fear ... of a better tomorrow

World War II was fought for you – There’s no enemy for World War III

Except fear ... of a better tomorrow

Let all the martyrs fight it out – they forgot what it’s all about

And you feel … a little bit more sorrow

Fear of a better tomorrow, fear of a better tomorrow, don’t need no fear ... of a better tomorrow

[ No one understands me
I’ve got the seed! I’ve got the seeds, baby
I want to show you
Show you the evolutionary miracles encoded
How good it can be! ... with my seeds … ]

(instrumental madness)

My girlfriend’s of another race – You can’t escape United States

Just dream ... of a better tomorrow

Going to free my dead and heal the gaps, feed my head and spring those traps, and feel

Better tomorrow

Breathe through pain, relax the flow, and what remains is love, you know

You’ll feel ... a little better tomorrow

The united states of you and me is our only hope for liberty

I wanna feel ... better tomorrow

Feel a lot better tomorrow, feel a lot better tomorrow, make me feel... better tomorrow

(Weave verses and chorus together; last verse becomes “the united state of you and me is my only hope for ecstasy – we’re gonna feel ... a lot better tomorrow”)

© SaveLove Music 2002 (ASCAP)