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Can't Be Avoided

Passionate Peace

Best Little Kitty

When West Meets East

Genital Soul

Better Tomorrow


Savlove at Piano

The War is Over

Empty Journal

Yours for a Year

Give Her a Dream


Long, Tall, and Stacked


Genital Soul

When I was a child you know I used to get a whippin' but I hate to blame my Dad cause he was only ego trippin' - Cause he got the slappy just the same from his pappy, who got it from his grampy, none of us was ever happy. It kept on getting passed down, the wicked going round and round so now the norm is shame, anger, guilt, greed, and pain ... but I know, I know, the feeling that's whole - I keep driving myself right down to the heart of my
Genital Soul

Strip away the tension, strip away the fear, hey look-ka py py watcha got here? I've come to say that pain is not the only way - we've got the hip hip hooray encoded in our DNA. When your body's aligned with your spirit and your mind, it's wonderful and divine, you can feel the heavens shine. Sure, you know the score, let yourself soar, you know there's so much more once you strip to the core of your
Genital Soul

When we take off our clothes it won't be a pose - I'll give you blooming love like a perennial rose, and when we start humming, and then we're really coming, it's a cosmic release, full of joy, full of peace. Men and women, alive with primal rhythm, be digging down deep to take the pleasure that's within them - and I know, I know, it's my funky rock and roll, I keep driving myself right down to the heart of my
Genital Soul

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