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I demand an exciting music.

I demand a music that will differentiate itself instantly among this plethora of recorded music, a music that excites and incites, music that stirs the passion of the day, but without aggression, only undeniable love.

Who is up to joining me in this attempt? Who wants to make with me a music that works competitively in the commercial arena because it makes the pessimistic and cynical seem so lame? Who is enjoying their life enough to risk this inflammatory coup?

Some say that love cannot or should not be commodified, but I say that love must be commodified! What is our potential? There is music to be made that celebrates our possibilities, our spirit, our flaws and our future. We have quite enough music that mimics, borrows, recycles, samples, beckons to, or comes from the past. The collective sexual identity must be spurred on to greater love, and it sells.

Is that not enough? Is it too much to ask for music to be magical again?

SaveLove Music

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