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Genital Soul CD

genital soul cd john savlove

I do have one piece of product that listeners can directly purchase through me. That’s the Genital Soul CD, which includes 19 Savlove songs (two of which are in this web-site’s song-folder). The first seventeen are just myself at the piano again, recorded in February 1997. The last two have production values. “Break Through the Block” was made with multi-instrumentalist and techno-wizard (TW interjects: "I beg to differ") Tony Widoff, who I also want to thank for helping me put this into cyber-space.

“Buddha”, the last cut, was a bit of a hit for me. On the art-house circuit, people used to call out for it and sing along with the chorus: “Buddha - bad Buddha - Buddha help me make life beddha”. It gets a full-tilt dub reggae version on the CD, and got regional airplay too.

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